Visit to Withington Baths – 31st March 2016

Anna Mdee and Polly Skerratt

Hosted by Paul Smith – Love Withington

Picture2Love Withington took over the running of Withington Baths from the Greenwich Leisure (subcontractor for the local authority) in June 2015.

They have 1600 members with a minimum 6 month contracts.

Staff hired are paid the living wage.  Staff appeared very committed and enthusiastic.  We saw the Senior Swimming Instructor busy with renovations work.

Fitness classes are very popular- classes included yoga, pilates, rhumba, metafit, boxercise, circuits.

Swimming lessons and school swimming are crucial components- originally were told they would not get any school lessons but now asked to take on 8 schools.


Lessons for Bingley

Withington is slightly older than Bingley and the pool is not as big or in as good a condition. It is making a small monthly surplus (despite a new pool facility only 0.5 miles away).

Similar case used by local authority- large estimates of renovations needs to keep the pool open.

Emphasises community use and listening to what people want from the facility.  As an independent facility they have the freedom to adapt and serve the needs of the local community.

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