2nd Bingley Biathlon Details


Here are some more instructions for the event.


Registrations will be taking place at the entrance to Bingley Pool. You will register for both your swim and run at the registration point. If you are competing as a team then please confirm which of you will be doing the run and swim.

You need to register before at LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE your first event.

You will be given a number and safety pin to take part in the run.

Instructions for the events


Change and take your belongings onto the poolside and place them out of the way. Go onto poolside 5 minutes prior to the start time for your heat. You will be allocated a lane and will start from the deep end.

You may dive into the pool if you have undertaken the ASA competitive dives award or as an adult you consider yourself to be competent to do so.

Otherwise please start in the water. You will be instructed by poolside officials when to enter the pool and when to start.

You must swim freestyle (this means you can do any stroke that you wish) but make sure you do not touch the floor between lengths.

Bingley Pool is not 25m in length and so we have adjusted the standard biathlon distances.

U10s, U11s and U12s will swim 2 lengths U13s and U14s and Masters will swim 4 lengths. All other categories will swim 8 lengths.


The run takes place in Myrtle Park and starts to the right hand side of the Bandstand. Attach your race number to the front of your clothes and report to the start point at least 5 minutes before the allocated start time. Report to the officials at the start line.

The run course will be marked clearly and uses the top of the park only. The course is 800m in length and Marshalls from Bingley Harriers will be there to guide you on the route.

For U10s, 11s and 12s – you will complete 1 lap (800m). For all other groups – you will complete 2 laps (1600m).


The times for your events will be processed to give a points total. Modern Biathlon rules set out times for the different age categories which will attract 1000 points. Times that are faster than this then attract additional points, and slower times have points deducted. Additional points are added to adjust for the age of competitors. We aim to have all results processed by 16.00.

We aim to collate and release the results at 16.30.

All competitors will receive a medal and a T-shirt (which you can collect from the Friends of Bingley Pool stand when you complete both events).

The male and female competitors with the highest points will receive a trophy.

The top team will also receive a prize.

Race Times

For race time details see here: Race Times

Scoring Tables

For scoring details see here: Scoring Tables

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