2nd Bingley Biathlon – this weekend and some good news

I know some of you are entered in the 2nd Bingley Biathlon, but for those who haven’t had an update so far:
Bingley Biathlon will run from 11-5 pm in Myrtle Park/Bingley Pool.  There will be food stalls around the bandstand area.
The Hall Royd Brass Band will be playing from 2-4 pm at the Bandstand.  The weather forecast is looking good, so please come down and enjoy the atmosphere.
Some of you may have seen in the T&A that Bingley Town Council have granted us £5880 to undertake some preparatory work for the proposed Community Asset Transfer.  This is fantastic news for us and we are working very closely with the Town Council on this process.
We will be having a Friends of Bingley Pool information point in the park on Sunday, so you can come and talk to us about this.  We need all the support we can get to take this process forward.
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

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