Minutes of Friends of Bingley Pool Meeting – 17th March

Location: Bingley Pool

Apologies: David Hesletine, Jag Picknett, Jo Smeele

Present: Anna Mdee, Ros Dawson, Maureen Wells, Sarah Sullivan, Polly Skerratt, Julie Skyes, Iain Wild, Matt Martindale, Samara Bruce, Arthur and Mary Pitchfo

1 – Community Asset Transfer

Anna reported that she, Jag, Ros and Matt met with Paul Smith to discuss the interim feasibility study and business plan.  The good news is that Paul is confident that the CAT can be viable, based on reducing costs and then investing in developing the gym and pool facilities.  He also recommends that we push forwards with the CAT proposal even before BDMC withdraw from Bingley Pool.   It was agreed that FOBP will continue to work towards the CAT as set out in the plan.

Anna asked for volunteers for a small working group who will work with Paul on finalising the business plan.  Iain and Matt volunteered to join the group.  Anna has also invited Stuart Broadbent of Bingley Amateur Swimming Club to join, and will also talk to Ben Wood (also of BASC who has previously offered legal assistance).

It was recommended that we also flag up the potential for a more extensive café facility in the pool for future income development.

2 – Biathlon planning

The date of 15th July was proposed- this needs to be checked with BASC and Bingley Harriers.

Iain Wild offered to help Anna with Biathlon entries.

Sarah/Polly/Jo will oversee catering arrangements.

Richard Dawson and Raphael Skerratt have promised to sponsor medal.

Richard Kunz will sponsor t-shirts as for last year.


Date of next meeting: 14th April 2018 10.30 at Bingley Pool

One thought on “Minutes of Friends of Bingley Pool Meeting – 17th March

  1. Can you advise the position of the transfer and who to campaign to. ? We appreciate your efforts to keep this service open


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