Minutes of Friends of Bingley Pool Meeting – 17th March

Location: Bingley Pool Apologies: David Hesletine, Jag Picknett, Jo Smeele Present: Anna Mdee, Ros Dawson, Maureen Wells, Sarah Sullivan, Polly Skerratt, Julie Skyes, Iain Wild, Matt Martindale, Samara Bruce, Arthur and Mary Pitchfo 1 – Community Asset Transfer Anna reported that she, Jag, Ros and Matt met with Paul Smith to discuss the interim feasibilityContinue reading “Minutes of Friends of Bingley Pool Meeting – 17th March”

Friends of Bingley Pool – next meeting 17th March 10.30am at Bingley Pool

Dear All The next meeting of Friends of Bingley Pool will take place on Saturday 17th March at 10.30am at Bingley Pool. We will be discussing: 1. the interim feasibility study for the community asset transfer of Bingley Pool. 2. planning for the 3rd Brilliant Bingley Biathlon. With best wishes, Anna & Jag Co-Chairs –Continue reading “Friends of Bingley Pool – next meeting 17th March 10.30am at Bingley Pool”

Minutes from AGM from 11th November 2017

Chair Anna Mdee , Minutes Jo Smeele Present:_ Anna Mdee, Sarah Sullivan, Iain Wild, Mary and Arthur Pitchforth, Ros Dawson, David Hesletine, Jo Wheatley, Catherine Gomersall, Julie Sykes, Matt Martindale, Maureen Wells, Jo Smeele. Apologies:- Jag Picknett, Mark Shaw, Steve Watkins, Polly Shaw General welcome to attendees old and new. Trustees update:  Jenny Woodward hasContinue reading “Minutes from AGM from 11th November 2017”

2nd Bingley Biathlon – this weekend and some good news

I know some of you are entered in the 2nd Bingley Biathlon, but for those who haven’t had an update so far: Bingley Biathlon will run from 11-5 pm in Myrtle Park/Bingley Pool.  There will be food stalls around the bandstand area. The Hall Royd Brass Band will be playing from 2-4 pm at theContinue reading “2nd Bingley Biathlon – this weekend and some good news”

2nd Bingley Biathlon Details

Instructions Here are some more instructions for the event. Registration Registrations will be taking place at the entrance to Bingley Pool. You will register for both your swim and run at the registration point. If you are competing as a team then please confirm which of you will be doing the run and swim. You need to registerContinue reading “2nd Bingley Biathlon Details”

Visit to Withington Baths – 31st March 2016

Anna Mdee and Polly Skerratt Hosted by Paul Smith – Love Withington Love Withington took over the running of Withington Baths from the Greenwich Leisure (subcontractor for the local authority) in June 2015. They have 1600 members with a minimum 6 month contracts. Staff hired are paid the living wage.  Staff appeared very committed andContinue reading “Visit to Withington Baths – 31st March 2016”

Minutes from meeting Saturday 12th March 2016

The meeting was held at Bingley Pool. Present: Anna, Sarah, Polly, Phil, Brian, David, Maureen, Kevin (Pool Manager) Committee we delighted to learn that funding has been secured from Bradford Council Facilities to update the changing rooms before the school holidays in Summer. This will include full redecoration of both Male and Female changing rooms.Continue reading “Minutes from meeting Saturday 12th March 2016”