Minutes of Friends of Bingley Pool Meeting – 17th March

Location: Bingley Pool

Apologies: David Hesletine, Jag Picknett, Jo Smeele

Present: Anna Mdee, Ros Dawson, Maureen Wells, Sarah Sullivan, Polly Skerratt, Julie Skyes, Iain Wild, Matt Martindale, Samara Bruce, Arthur and Mary Pitchfo

1 – Community Asset Transfer

Anna reported that she, Jag, Ros and Matt met with Paul Smith to discuss the interim feasibility study and business plan.  The good news is that Paul is confident that the CAT can be viable, based on reducing costs and then investing in developing the gym and pool facilities.  He also recommends that we push forwards with the CAT proposal even before BDMC withdraw from Bingley Pool.   It was agreed that FOBP will continue to work towards the CAT as set out in the plan.

Anna asked for volunteers for a small working group who will work with Paul on finalising the business plan.  Iain and Matt volunteered to join the group.  Anna has also invited Stuart Broadbent of Bingley Amateur Swimming Club to join, and will also talk to Ben Wood (also of BASC who has previously offered legal assistance).

It was recommended that we also flag up the potential for a more extensive café facility in the pool for future income development.

2 – Biathlon planning

The date of 15th July was proposed- this needs to be checked with BASC and Bingley Harriers.

Iain Wild offered to help Anna with Biathlon entries.

Sarah/Polly/Jo will oversee catering arrangements.

Richard Dawson and Raphael Skerratt have promised to sponsor medal.

Richard Kunz will sponsor t-shirts as for last year.


Date of next meeting: 14th April 2018 10.30 at Bingley Pool

Friends of Bingley Pool – next meeting 17th March 10.30am at Bingley Pool

Dear All

The next meeting of Friends of Bingley Pool will take place on Saturday 17th March at 10.30am at Bingley Pool.

We will be discussing:

1. the interim feasibility study for the community asset transfer of Bingley Pool.
2. planning for the 3rd Brilliant Bingley Biathlon.

With best wishes,

Anna & Jag

Co-Chairs – Friends of Bingley Pool

Minutes from AGM from 11th November 2017

Chair Anna Mdee , Minutes Jo Smeele

Present:_ Anna Mdee, Sarah Sullivan, Iain Wild, Mary and Arthur Pitchforth, Ros Dawson, David Hesletine, Jo Wheatley, Catherine Gomersall, Julie Sykes, Matt Martindale, Maureen Wells, Jo Smeele.

Apologies:- Jag Picknett, Mark Shaw, Steve Watkins, Polly Shaw

General welcome to attendees old and new.

Trustees update:  Jenny Woodward has stepped down, and Matt Martindale has joined as a Trustee (from October 2017)

Discussion of the Annual Report November 2016 – October 2017 and Finances.

Trustees to remain the same for the coming year plus the addition of Matt Martindale as a new trustee who will be helping FOBP work towards Community Asset Transfer ( CAT ).

Discussion around the Asset Transfer.

FOBP aim is to stop Bingley Pool from closing. However various uncertainties remain around timing of closure, accounts, funding. Bradford  council’s building of the new replacement pool(s) not even started yet despite closure date of 2020. FOBP anticipate the closure may be later.

A formal application of CATransfer for phase 1 ,  was made in July 2017 and approved in September 2017.

Phase 2 is the next stage and will be a much more detailed business case.

Thanks given to Bingley Town Council, who awarded FOBP with a grant for £5880.00. Money from this grant was used to fund a full Building Services Survey by CouchPerryWilkes . This highlighted areas for immediate investment/ work such as electrical work/ flooring and possibilities such as new boiler, plumbing work.

The grant is also funding a Business Plan from Paul Smith ( from Withington Baths). This piece of work is ongoing and Paul has had discussions with Bradford Aquatics and Bradford council, and there may be a draft by Christmas.

Once all the above are completed, with the structural survey and , full pool/tank survey,  then FOBP will proceed to Phase 2 application.

FOBP may be able to apply for more funds due to being a charity.

Discussion around Membership.

Membership is now free since July2017.

Sarah reported that there are about 60 members. Discussion around encouraging our membership at  Bingley Pool ,swimming club etc. Discussed using Facebook ,twitter and advertising. Sarah mention about further meet with Jag regarding this.

The Biathlon. 

Discussion on the smooth running of the Biathlon and Friends of Bingley Pool, Bingley Harriers & Athletics Club, and Bingley Swimming Club working together and wonderful volunteers, sunshine and the Brass Band. The Biathlon will be on next  year on 8th July  using similar format with handicap and team option.

Special mention  and thanks to Richard Kunz and Richard Dawson for their sponsorship.

Friends of Bingley Pool -FINANCES VIEWED.

Income total £ 7049.35 and Expenditure total  £1231.12


Overall intention is that Bingley Pool will run self sufficiently without Bingley Town Council support.

Matt Martindale met with Locality. Locality have previously helped Withington and Bramley Baths. Joining and annual fee of £ 100 in return for their knowledge and network expertise. Best Strokes have offered to pay for the first year. Agreement given for Matt to do this and we will be classed as a social enterprise

Discussions around possible use of Crowd Funding  and locals getting involved. There was a suggestion made about looking at the model from Crowd Fund Aberdeen.

Various funding options available, ie funding from Rotary club and other village clubs

Possibility of FOBP going for CAT before 2020 as long as we are ready

Suggestion of looking at Gift Aid after Community Asset Transfer if people are using pool facilities.

Priorities for coming year

Business plan- possible push for Phase 2 , no fixed date as yet.

Use of political pressures onto the council

Discussion on shortage of Bradford water space and if it is economically viable to save the pool. Due to council funding  shortages, they will need the CAT of Bingley Pool.

Need to investigate the pool accounts as Bingley Pool does not show as bad a loss as other pools.


Next meeting to be arranged when Paul Smith can  come over to discuss business plan.


2nd Bingley Biathlon – this weekend and some good news

I know some of you are entered in the 2nd Bingley Biathlon, but for those who haven’t had an update so far:
Bingley Biathlon will run from 11-5 pm in Myrtle Park/Bingley Pool.  There will be food stalls around the bandstand area.
The Hall Royd Brass Band will be playing from 2-4 pm at the Bandstand.  The weather forecast is looking good, so please come down and enjoy the atmosphere.
Some of you may have seen in the T&A that Bingley Town Council have granted us £5880 to undertake some preparatory work for the proposed Community Asset Transfer.  This is fantastic news for us and we are working very closely with the Town Council on this process.
We will be having a Friends of Bingley Pool information point in the park on Sunday, so you can come and talk to us about this.  We need all the support we can get to take this process forward.
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

2nd Bingley Biathlon Details


Here are some more instructions for the event.


Registrations will be taking place at the entrance to Bingley Pool. You will register for both your swim and run at the registration point. If you are competing as a team then please confirm which of you will be doing the run and swim.

You need to register before at LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE your first event.

You will be given a number and safety pin to take part in the run.

Instructions for the events


Change and take your belongings onto the poolside and place them out of the way. Go onto poolside 5 minutes prior to the start time for your heat. You will be allocated a lane and will start from the deep end.

You may dive into the pool if you have undertaken the ASA competitive dives award or as an adult you consider yourself to be competent to do so.

Otherwise please start in the water. You will be instructed by poolside officials when to enter the pool and when to start.

You must swim freestyle (this means you can do any stroke that you wish) but make sure you do not touch the floor between lengths.

Bingley Pool is not 25m in length and so we have adjusted the standard biathlon distances.

U10s, U11s and U12s will swim 2 lengths U13s and U14s and Masters will swim 4 lengths. All other categories will swim 8 lengths.


The run takes place in Myrtle Park and starts to the right hand side of the Bandstand. Attach your race number to the front of your clothes and report to the start point at least 5 minutes before the allocated start time. Report to the officials at the start line.

The run course will be marked clearly and uses the top of the park only. The course is 800m in length and Marshalls from Bingley Harriers will be there to guide you on the route.

For U10s, 11s and 12s – you will complete 1 lap (800m). For all other groups – you will complete 2 laps (1600m).


The times for your events will be processed to give a points total. Modern Biathlon rules set out times for the different age categories which will attract 1000 points. Times that are faster than this then attract additional points, and slower times have points deducted. Additional points are added to adjust for the age of competitors. We aim to have all results processed by 16.00.

We aim to collate and release the results at 16.30.

All competitors will receive a medal and a T-shirt (which you can collect from the Friends of Bingley Pool stand when you complete both events).

The male and female competitors with the highest points will receive a trophy.

The top team will also receive a prize.

Race Times

For race time details see here: Race Times

Scoring Tables

For scoring details see here: Scoring Tables